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The City of Colorado City offers tree limb grinding at no charge to residents and business owners who are maintaining their personal or business property. These are the requirements for free processing of tree limbs. Please understand that the City must pay to Texas Committee on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), a tonnage fee for anything that goes into our pits. Therefore, anything that cannot be ground up for mulch must be charged the full fee.


Requirements for FREE Grinding of Limbs

  1. Free grinding is for residents of the City of Colorado City and Mitchell County.
  2. All persons requesting free grinding must have a driver’s license with a Mitchell County address.
  3. Any person who is disposing of limbs for profit, whether full-time or part-time will be charged for all limbs brought for disposal or grinding.
  4. Limbs must be 6 inches or smaller in diameter.
  5. Limbs must be cut to 4 feet or shorter in length.
  6. For free grinding, there cannot be any limbs which do not meet the diameter and length requirements.
  7. There can be no other debris or rubbish mixed with the limbs.
  8. If there is rubbish or debris, of any type, the entire load must be weighed and taken to the pit. A fee will be charged for the entire load.
  9. A fee will not be charged for limbs brought from the Colorado City Cemetery, or the Mitchell County Cemetery, if brought by an individual working on a family member’s lots or adjoining lots. This is to encourage upkeep at our cemetery. The lot number or the name/names of the person buried there must be provided.


For loads of limbs only that are longer than 4 feet, and not more than 6 inches in diameter, with no rubbish or debris

  1. The entire load will be weighed, and a fee, of $32.00 per ton, will be charged for grinding because they will either be cut to length or hand fed to the mobile chipper-shredder.
  2. There will be no minimum charge for these loads. The tonnage will be used to determine cost using this method: tons multiplied by $32.00. For example: 200 pounds will be .1 tons X 32.00 gives $3.20 as the actual charge. 500 pounds will be .25 tons at $32.00 per ton equals $8.00.


  1. There will be no charge for leaves or grass clippings unless the load also contains rubbish or garbage of any kind.
  2. Any bags of leaves must be emptied by the person/s bringing them for disposal and the empty bags placed in the rubbish barrel next to gatekeeper office door, or taken back for reuse by the person bringing the load.

To Conclude, these are the
Reasons for Changes

  1. In the past, the City of Colorado City offered free grinding for all limbs that could be ground. This was first done in the park south of the MCGS girls softball field. Some people elected to bring bags of other debris and all sorts of trash.
  2. We moved to the gate area of the landfill once we purchased the tub grinder. At first it was successful until large limbs and huge trunks were being brought to the site after operational hours. We were obligated by state law to remove them and place them into a pit. Then furniture started showing up.
  3. In addition to furniture, we also began to see meatal objects, fence wire, and chunks of concrete. These objects were easily concealed in leaves and limbs and ended up in the grinder. The grinder has a series of hammers which rotate at 1400 rpm. When hard objects such as metal, or concrete or struck by the hammers, they can be thrown many yards away from the grinder and damage the hammer tips.
  4. Therefore, all loads brought for disposal must be monitored as is required by TCEQ. Any loads which are taken to the pit will be charged at the standard rate for trash and other debris with the minimum charge also in effect.