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About Our Water

The City source of water is the Dockum Aquifer, also known as the Santa Rosa.  The Dockum Aquifer is considered a minor aquifer according to the Texas Water Development Board

Water is produced from 16 wells located in 4 separate fields located between Colorado City and Loraine.  Those fields include the Perkins, East, Mitchell and Wallace.  

The wells are able to produce up to 1.5 million gallons of water per day.  On average, the City water usage averages of 1 million gallons per day during the summer and as little as a half million during the winter.

Water is then sent from the well fields to a pump station, at which point the water is disinfected with chlorine.  The water is then pumped to town at which point it can enter the distribution system or enters a tank prior to entering the system.  

The City is willing to provide in depth information about nth City's water system to schools and social groups upon request.