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Mary McMullen

The mission of the Heart of West Texas Museum is to collect, preserve and interpret for the public benefit, education and enjoyment, the historical heritage of Mitchell County and West Texas in general.

The Museum also has a Facebook page which is updated with exhibit information, special events, and pictures from Historical Colorado City.

Museum Highlights:
· Lake Champion Mammoth fossils
· Lone Wolf Creek Prehistoric Bison antiquus
· Kiowa Chief Lone Wolf Exhibit
· Cowboy Displays and Branding Wall
· Farm and Ranch Heritage
· War exhibits featuring a WWII Norden Bombsite
· Missouri & Pacific 13560 Caboose
· Historically restored and period furnished Heritage House
· Much more!!

Quanah Parker Arrow
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Springs south of Colorado City were a place where Indians camped and buffalo herds watered. Trails once cut across the area, now covered by Champion Creek Reservoir.

In the fall of 1840, Col. J. H. Moore led a campaign against the Comanche, a pursuit that took him and his troops to the headwaters of the Colorado River, near present-day Colorado City.

To commemorate the Comanche Trail, Colorado City proudly displays a Quanah Parker Trail Arrow near the Mitchell County Hospital.