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Building Inspections

Rayanna McGaha
Administrative Assistant
Contact:  Rayanna
Ph: (325) 728-3464

The Building Department is responsible for the inspection of building construction projects including:

  • Structural elements
  • Plumbing
  • Heating and cooling
  • Electrical systems
  • Fire systems
City Ordinance states that the newest version of the International Building, International Residential, International Plumbing, International Fuel, International Fire and National Electric Code are to be used.    Currently, International Codes are 2018 and the National Electric Code is 2017 versions.  Please note that the Ordinance is currently different from the Codified City Ordinance Book, and changes may not be reflected.  This ordinance is the updated ordinance. 

Submit all plans, including fire, to City Hall, attention Michelle Guelker.  Electronic plans may be submitted along with a paper set of plans.  If only paper plans are submitted, you must submit three (3) copies.  Plans can be email here.

Other responsibilities of the Department include:

  • Issuing building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and demolition permits
  • Checking plans
  • Inspecting housing complaints
  • Overseeing structure / moving permits
  • Inspecting wood stoves
  • Maintaining special inspection reports
Permits and Fees
Application for Permit- Can be printed or filled out online and emailed.
Contractor Registration- Can be printed or filled out online and emailed. Must include a copy of current insurance.
Building Code Ordinance- this is the updated version.  The City Code of Ordinances Chapter 3 does not reflect these changes. 

Bob Martin- Building, Electrical
Bill Hawthorn- Plumbing, Gas
David Hoover- Building, Electrical

Our building jurisdictional areas consist of the City limits only.