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Additional Water Conservation Measures
Water Use Schedule



(download printable version here)

(Effective June 8, 2010)

Landscape Watering Schedule

During the two day a week watering schedule, a customer’s watering day is determined by the last digit of the house number or property address. Multi-unit properties will use the lowest address number. Customers on rural routes will use the last number of their post office box number or their route number if they do not have a post office box number.

Designated Watering Days

Thursday, Sunday

Odd numbered address

Tuesday, Saturday

Even numbered address

Monday, Friday

Industrial, commercial, government customers, public and private schools

Permitted Watering Times During Current Water Conservation Plan

Watering Times

Any landscape with sprinklers or drip irrigation can be watered between 12 midnight to 10 a.m. and from 6 p.m. until midnight on designated watering days.

Shrubs, trees, flowerbeds and gardens may be watered anytime with a hand-held hose, bucket or drip irrigation system.

Turf may be watered anytime on any day with a hand-held hose or faucet-filled container of five gallons or less.

Personal Vehicle Washing


  •   Use hose with on/off nozzles and bucket-OR- at commercial car wash.
  •   Water run-off more than 75 feet is not permitted.

Refilling swimming pools

To maintenance level only on designated watering days.

Ornamental fountains

Allowed with recycling device - refill on designated watering days.

Use from hydrants


  •   Firefighting or other public safety/welfare
  •   With written approval on case-by-case basis for land development or construction



  •   Water running more than 75 feet down gutter or alley
  •   Failure to repair leak
  •   Operating a permanently installed irrigation system with a broken sprinkler head; a sprinkler head spraying over a street or parking lot because it is out of adjustment; or a sprinkler head that is misting due to high pressure


  •   First Offense: Minimum $50*
  •   Second Offense: Minimum $75*
  •   Subsequent Offenses: Minimum $250*
  •   Termination of water service for repeat violations: Reconnect fee of $250*
  •   Failure to pay penalty: $250 which can be applied to water bill*
  •   Fraudulent mis-representation of well water use: $500*

* Plus any incurred court fees

Report misuse by calling the Water Office at 728-3463.

Other Allowances

  •   Use of private well water is not regulated by City of  Colorado City water restrictions. A "Well Water" sign that is visible from the street must be posted.

Need More Information?

Phone 728-3463


  • Wasting water by allowing water to run off on to the street is prohibited.
  • Washing hard surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots, is prohibited except for safety, construction, or health reasons.
  • Car washes and other events using water must use best management practices to conserve water. This includes using automatic shut-off nozzles.
  • Washing personal vehicles is limited to a hose equipped with a shut-off spray nozzle and/or bucket.
  • Washing fleet and commercial vehicles requires a hose equipped with a shut-off spray nozzle and/or bucket.

Additional Information
For more information, please fill out and submit our Contact Us Form or call (325) 728-5331.

City of Colorado City • 180 W. 3rd • Colorado City, TX 79512 • Phone: 325-728-5331 • Fax: 325-728-2597 •
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